Rund um die Reise Reiseberichte China

China 2012

Hallo Herr Linnekuhl,

meine zufriedenen Kunden gaben mir diese Rückmeldung auf die von TSA-Reisen geplante und durchgeführte Reise:

"Hallo Anna

I would like to express my thanks for a perfectly organized assistance during my staying in Shanghai and Xi`an – was truly well taken care of.

The names of my guides in China are: Michael from Shanghai and Cui Longji from Xi`an. Especially Cui was perfect in German, and also Michaels German was very good. They were both knowledgeable, flexible and very professional!

If someone from my family or friends would go to China I would definitely recommend them J and I plan to do so – e.g. next time you travel to China or Dorothy on the way from Australia to Europe

Here are some of the things I very much liked about both of them:

Professionally organized sightseeing tours, very good German, interesting stories about the background of visiting places, truly polite and also able to answer any of my questions. They also both provided good recommendations for my remaining time in Shanghai and Xi'an and their advise was very good. I would recommend both of them for the next tourists expecting to see the real China. Also they approached me a day in advance to organize pick-up times and shared many other highlights on China on the way. Very pleasant company for these two days.

As you were in touch with German travel office could you please forward this mail on behalf of your daddy who really had a dream come true trip to Shanghai and Xi'an. The Teracotta Warriors were amazing!


Vielen Dank für die gute Organisation und Planung und viele Grüße
Gisela Fuhrer-Valenta

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Wir bedanken uns bei Ihnen für die Einsendung Ihres Reiseberichts!